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1. Only Members May Attend Events. The only exception is guests may attend one event per year and pay a $20 guest fee to attend.All members and guests must be registered a minimum of 2 days prior to any event attending.
2. To attend any Lunch Club Event you must register on at least 2 days prior to any event.
3. If you register for an event and do not show up without cancelling on the website more than 2 times in any calendar year your membership will be discontinued without reimbursement.
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4. In order to qualify for membership or a guest spot in the CEO Lunch Club you must demonstrate that you are an owner and your company does a minimum of $1 million in sales yearly.
5. All Attendees must understand that this is a networking organization and soliciting is not allowed. You may do business with each other but you must be invited first.
6. Silence all mobile phones, and electronic devices during the meeting.
7. No texting at the lunch table.
8. All attendees must be present before 12:15 p.m. in order to attend the event. Those coming at or after 12:15 p.m. are considered a no show and will not be permitted to attend meeting.
9. Members are permitted to attend other lunch club meetings (in other areas) at no additional cost.
10. We expect all attendees to be respectful of others. If we get a complaint we will investigate the situation and see if there is any merit. If we determine there is merit, we will follow up with the member, if it happens more than once their membership will be discontinued without reimbursement.
11. This program can be extremely valuable if used correctly. Please give referrals generously and attend frequently. The more active you are with our program the more you can expect back from the system.
12. If you feel that there are things that can be improved or have recommendations please see the chapter leader and they will try and incorporate your ideas whenever possible.
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