Why OLC?

Productive, Casual Atmosphere

Get to know fellow decision makers in your local area in an enjoyable, social environment. No agendas, no requirements...just lunch.

Network Everywhere

OLC meets once a month in each chapter location, giving you the ability to meet as many people in as many different places as your work & travel schedule permits. New chapters continue to open up… more opportunities are always waiting!

Minimal Commitment

OLC is dedicated to making your networking experience as casual and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we don’t bother with strict attendance policies or high membership fees- this is meant to be YOUR network! However, with most things of course, the more work that you put in, the more you always seem to get out of your networks- so we encourage you to spend time getting to know, support, and customize your group.

How to Join OLC

Member/Guest Qualifications

  • Decision Makers- Business owners, senior executives, and company affiliates with immediate decision making power are welcome into our program to guarantee that referrals are qualified and productive.
  • OLC Limited Competition Policy- There is limited availability in membership spots for each industry category.
  • Experienced Networkers- We look for those who understand the core values and principles of networking, to ensure that the process flows smoothly.

Finding Your Group

  • Visiting an OLC chapter is a vital piece in getting to know the organization’s atmosphere. Each chapter leader contributes a unique approach to a group’s overall personality- its membership, format, and setting style. Exploring the groups to find your home chapter will help you find the best fitting atmosphere.
  • Each group has a “One Visit” policy, so be sure to make the most of your first experience by getting to know the chapter leader and its founding members and by asking questions that will help to understand if this is your best fitting network.

Application Process

To join Our Lunch Club, fill out an application A representative will respond to you within 3-5 business days to assist you with the next steps. If you do not hear back within 5 business days, please contact us directly to ensure that your application was successfully received.

Overview of Benefits

Unlimited Access

Joining an OLC chapter gives you unlimited access to attend every active OLC chapter monthly meeting. Each chapter meeting has different times, dates, and locations throughout the month, giving you the flexibility to adjust your networking efforts with your own schedule.

Diverse Networking

  • As each chapter has its own unique format, experience new ways to connect with relevant leaders through diverse styles of networking groups.
  • As chapters continue to open up around the area, explore new locations and new communities that are conveniently accessible as you’re traveling.

The Value of Guests

  • Invite qualified guests to help your group members meet relevant business leaders. This helps to both grow your chapter and customize the group with your own circle of influence.
  • Bringing qualified guests shows others the power of your personal network, enhancing your credibility and referral value.
  • “Giving Is Receiving.” Influence your group with new connections, watch as others grow from your contributions, and enjoy the reciprocated efforts that come back to you!

Become an OLC Member