How to become an official Our Lunch Club Member

Please fill out the application and we will contact you and qualify you for the group. If you are a good fit for the group you will be invited to attend as many lunch events as you choose in any of our locations. Please understand we have two groups: The Business Group ( for all business development executives and principles of companies that have gross sales under $1 million. And The CEO Group (for principles of companies that do a minimum of $1 million in sales). Please fill out the appropriate application in full to be considered. We hope to hear from you soon.

Become a Business Member


If you are an executive and/or work with senior business executives please join our Business Program. Once you register you will be able to register for lunches at any of our available business group locations and you will be seated with relevant business executives that will be good for your business. They may be referral sources, potential clients or great resources for you and your company.