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The current members of The Bergen Chapter are Business owners and salespeople who are looking to grow their business through networking and meeting like others. As we grow our membership each of the current members is always thinking that the better the room is the more attractive it is for potential new members. This thought process will only enable the group to continue to grow and add worthy members who are great networkers who are willing to share their contacts and customers. This will always be the foundation of our group.


Our meeting and Lunches are currently held at Annabelle’s House Of Mozzarella in East Rutherford. This is a family owned restaurant that specializes in homemade Italian food. One thing that you never ever have to worry about is the quality of the food at our Lunch. Bill Pompeo the owner is always at every Lunch and oversees everything to make certain that everyone is happy. I don’t think that you can beat that atmosphere and food for $20.00!!


The mission of the Bergen County chapter of the Lunch Club is very specific. I want to help each and every one of my members to grow their business though connections that are made though the members of the group.


ADAM ADELSON. I am 56 years young and have been married to my wife, Ricki for 26 years have 2 boys Cory who works for the NBA and Jesse who is 21 is  senior and goes the Elmira College and plays Basketball. I work for Arctic Falls which is a 40 year family owned Coffee and bottle spring water company out of Cedar Grove, NJ.


I have spent the past 7 years growing the Java Bar Eco Café Coffee Program in New York and New Jersey and have become a market leader with over 1000 placements in this territory.



I have a huge passion for networking and truly believe that it has been my path to success. I think that it is safe to say that I am a “giver” in every way when it comes to networking.


VIDEO: OLC Bergen Chapter Leader, Adam Adelson discusses some of his philosophies on professional networking: