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We are looking for motivated, energetic and relationship-based professionals / business owners / contributors who not only wish to grow their respective business / practice but also understand and appreciate the concept of collaboration and partnership. We enjoy working with others in the community who are philanthropic and giving of their time and resources to create a win-win approach to business development.


We meet at Buona Sera restaurant in Red Bank, NJ. Buona Sera is one of Red Bank’s finest traditional Italian restaurants and provides ample parking across the street. We sit together in a large square table whether it’s 8 or 18 people that encourages group discussion/conversations as opposed to longer King’s style tables where one person at the end of the table isn’t able to hear/see what’s going on at the other end. This ensures that our members get the most out of each lunch meeting.


The objective for our local monthly meetings is to help foster deeper business relationships within the community through the introduction of successful/motivated professionals to each other. This doesn’t simply start and end at our monthly lunches. Many of our current members are involved in charity events, golf outings, fundraisers, etc.. that we extend invitations to in order to keep everyone posted but also allow our members to grow their business while serving the community.


LOU DEMARTINO is Assistant Vice President, Financial Advisor with Ameriprise as well as an entrepreneur, helping grow and develop the company, Pour & Pedal, which is a company that provides regional wine & bike tours. Lou, while realizing he will never make the PGA Tour, is an avid golfer and enjoys making targeted connections both on and off the golf course. On a professional note, Lou has enjoyed working in the financial services industry for over 8 years and has a trusted team in place helping business owners, professionals and other select families and individuals achieve their short and long term financial goals through sound investment advice and financial planning.  He takes a very detailed and careful approach to ensure that current and future clients truly know what they are invested in and the reasons behind the investments so that it becomes one less thing to worry about in an ever-changing world.



Lou helped start this chapter in an effort to find other like-minded professionals to grow their respective practices and take networking to a whole other level.  One of the reason’s OLC is such a unique and different networking organization is that rather than restrict you from working with other groups, it is encouraged here to truly find similar partners when it comes to everyone’s specific business, personal and communicative styles.