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Our chapter is composed of seasoned professionals, high-level executives and business owners who understand the value of others’ time, experience and wisdom. They are interested making good connections, not marketing or sales pitches.


The Porter House in the Time Warner Center is in Columbus Circle, close to midtown. It is a refined steak house, with a great view of central park. It is a place where members can invite clients to dine with us, as well as guests who are interested in meeting a diverse group of interesting and sociable business leaders and professionals


Our aim is to grow our group slowly, organically and with an emphasis of inviting guests and potential members who are looking for a high-level group of business leaders who are interested in sharing their knowledge and experiences in a casual setting


EUGENE KUBLANOVSKY is the founder and managing member of Kublanovsky Law, where he practices primarily in the areas of intellectual property (i.e., trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets), commercial litigation and employment law. Prior to starting his own firm over 5 years ago, he was an associate, and later a partner, at a prominent Wall Street boutique law firm where for over 10 years he handled complex business litigation matters for high net worth clients and businesses large and small. Eugene is an avid tennis player, Tae Kwon Do enthusiast and a sub-par golfer. Eugene has practiced law in New York and New Jersey for 15 years, and has worked in the legal field for over 20 years. He enjoys assisting clients with challenging problems and providing unfiltered and unbiased legal counsel to aid his clients




I took over the NYC OLC after being a member for a few years and enjoying the composition of the group and its laid-back nature.  Our members are serious about making genuine connections – not merely passing associations, and are committed to doing so without any artifice or contrivances.  They recognize that building long-lasting relationships requires time, discussion, and good humor. Networking to me is about good-natured, unselfish and successful people that enjoy speaking, dining and (in time), working with other good-natured, and successful people.  Business opportunities will develop organically from these nurtured relationships.