Eat Lunch .... Do more Business

At Our Lunch Club We Hope You Have an Appetite for Business. Let Our Lunch Club be your place to break bread with friends that will help you and your business. As in any networking organization remember to see how you can help others first. By helping others it will all come around and you will be the recipient of great things.

Our Lunch Club

is not your typical networking group

Our program is for executives,owners and senior business development people that understand the value of networking and giving to the others.As most people that are seasoned in networking understand, your value in being part of our group is what can you do to help others. The more you help others, the more others will think of you and try to help you.


We are searching for the best networkers and want to help everyone do more business and be of resource to each other. Our program does not require you to go to any meetings. However as in any organization the more active you are, the more you can expect back. Everyone needs to eat lunch why not make yours productive by meeting people that are good for your business.

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Newest Members

Meet our newest member

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Sharon Reissman

Maco Office Interior
Women’s Club – Mahwah NJ
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howard bersch

A-B Associates, Inc.
Bergen County, NJ
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Thomas Szczepaniak

Sterling National Bank
Westchester, NY
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Brian Baker

Tether View
Monmouth County, NJ